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There are more than 19000 Malay Proverb
from various sources in Malay Proverb Database.

Available Databases

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Adat Perpatih

Constructed with cooperation with goverment of N.Sembilan and Museum N.Sembilan in 2004. It contains audio-visual and textual materials on Adat Perpatih and N.Sembilan such as Busana, Istana, and Perbilangan. All these articles can be search by key words, authors, titles and key-words-in-context.

Karya Jawi (Jawi Works)

This textual database consists of 162 works published in Jawi script. All the works can be searched by author and title.

N.A Halim's Special Collection

This image database consists of 7,736 photographs, 7,982 slides, 300 plans, 150 maps and 1092 publications on Malay architecture from N. A. Halim. Most of the images have been added with brief narrations for further reference and research.

Malay World Database (PADAT)

This is a bibliographic database on Malay world studies on the Internet. To-date, more than 45,000 related articles from journals, books, proceedings, theses and other sources that have been gathered. Each article can be searched by author, title, keyword, source of publication, date, or a combination of these.

Online SARI Journal

Images of all articles in SARI since the first issue (vol. 1 no. 1, August 1983) are available on-line. They can be searched by author and title.

Peribahasa (Malay Proverbs)

This digital dictionary of Malay proverbs contains more than 22,000 entries of peribahasa, simpulan bahasa, bidalan, pepatah and perbilangan published between 1921 and 2000. All entries are provided with their meanings and are sub-divided into different motive categories. The total number of proverbs associated with the word or category can be searched

Pantun Baba (Baba's Pantun)

This is the first catalogue and database on Baba pantun, syair and gurindam on the Internet. A total of 11,204 verses of the pantun, syair and gurindam, have been extracted and repackaged from 35 books and newspapers published between 1889 and the 1940s. There is no tampering with the original texts so as to preserve their originality

Sejuta Pantun

This database of Sejuta Pantun intends to include all the pantun we can manage to locate in printed or digital form or record for the first time from the mouths of pantun poets the pantun is not only the most widely dispersed geographically, but also the best established historically sprang up along the major rivers and tributaries in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Pattani in Southern Thailand and Mindanao in Southern Philippines. The easiest way to search for the relevant pantun is by key-words


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